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Job Location:

14370W Van Buren, Goodyear AZ 85338

Posting Details:

Salary: $40,207.02 

Grade: 17

Job Summary:

A CDL Examiner will administer written and road tests for Commercial / Non-Commercial Driver License applicants and also administer Special Performance Evaluations (SPE) for customers requiring special equipment in order to safely operate commercial and non-commercial vehicles. They will perform driver license testing in accordance with the federal regulations and guidelines, as well as provide training and guidance to driver license offices and respond to inquiries from the public, motor carriers, school districts, and internal and external entities. Examiner will assist co-workers with other areas of commercial driver licensing as needed or necessary. They also will maintain accurate information as it pertains to customer information. Submit reports in a timely manner, review and interpret Arizona Revised Statute (ARS Title 28) Federal Regulations (CFR Title 49) MVD rule, policies, and procedures related to the CDL program.

Job Duties:

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
• Conduct written and road exams for Class A, B, C, D, and G licenses
• Perform inspections of commercial vehicles and their components, including diesel and gasoline engines, air brake systems, hydraulic brake systems, coupling systems and instrumentation systems
• Participate in drafting and redrafting of State statutes and/or federal regulations
• Coordinate with private industry, school districts and other governmental agencies to setup and administer group CDL testing on and off site
• Interpret ARS, federal regulations, rules, policies, and procedures related to the CDL program for application or program requirements and education of the public
• Conduct CDL Program communications with the public for needs assessment, public input and to respond to public inquiries and comments
• Rotate and fill in positions as needed, including CSR duties
• Respond to private and commercial customer inquiries related to regular Driver License and Commercial Driver License using State ARS Title 28, CDL Policy and FMCSA requirements
• Research various licensing records, CDLIS records and PDPS records on PC terminal databases, to obtain needed information
• Routinely respond, correspond and/or research out-of-state customers to check eligibility with other states CDL Programs
• Work in partnership with out CDLIS and PDPS Help Desk on difficult driver records
• Conduct regular written, vision and road tests (Class-D) when requested by Medical Review Program for a SPE or MVD Hearing Offices to do a re-examination
• Must be able to reinstate DL and CDL records; these tasks involve extensive use of PC terminal, calculator and Armani cash drawer, as well as knowledge completion of Phase I and II
• Provide CDL training for other MVD employees
• Participate in Federal Audits and continuing education to maintain and upgrade skills
• Prepare reports of program results and comparisons

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities (KSAs):

Knowledge in-
• Extensive knowledge in CDL Federal and State requirements, CDL Class A, B, C, D, and G CDL requirements as well as Special Performance Evaluation requirements in order to administer CDL road, skills and written tests to CDL applicants
• Commercial vehicle inspection procedures and equipment requirements including Gross Vehicle Weight Rating requirements and procedures
• ARS Title 28, Arizona Administrative Code (Rules), CDL Policy and Procedures and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations CFR Title-49 as they apply to the commercial motoring public
• Medical Review requirements and have completed the Driver License training with MVD and will have completed phase II reinstatements, and Road Test training for Class D Licenses

Skills in-
• Excellent customer service, and oral and written communication to prepare comprehensive, concise reports of the results for Special Performance Evaluations or various aspects of the CDL Program, to communicate with customers, coworkers, MVD offices and various external entities
• Multiple computer programs and processes
• A variety of equipment and a sizable body of state and federal regulations are involved in the performance of these duties

Ability to-
• Operate a wide range of Class A, B, C, and D commercial vehicles and to maintain a Class A CDL.
• Perform in the capacity of the applicants being examined.
• Perform all functions and duties of a CSR to assist when needed in the office and provide excellent customer service.
• Work outside the majority of the day, at times in extreme temperatures.
• Work in a changing environment to cover last minute work assignments when needed.
• Multi-task; willing to travel; to relate and work with a diverse range of people.
• Explain and interpret work related information in order to carry out policies and maintain cooperation.

Selective Preference(s):

The ideal candidate for this position will have:
4 years’ experience and certification by MVD of Driver License transactions and Phase II reinstatements of records with customers. PC/ Terminal experience reading DL records with problem resolution, 2 or more years of experience as a Certified CDL Examiner.

Pre-Employment Requirements:

This position requires a physical and possession of a valid Class A CDL or must obtain a Class A CDL Permit upon hire and must obtain a CDL credential and complete the Driver License training with MVD, including Phase II reinstatements and Road Test training for Class D/G Licenses within 6 months from date of hire. Candidates for this position must complete and sign PART 1 and PART 2 of the State of Arizona Application for Employment at the time of interview, which will allow ADOT to obtain the candidate's motor vehicle record (MVR). The most recent 39-month period shown on the MVR will be reviewed in accordance with A.A.C. R2-10-207.12 (H) and (I). The review must show an acceptable driving record prior to any offer of employment being made by ADOT. Employment is contingent upon an acceptable MVR and reference check.


The Arizona Department of Administration offers a comprehensive benefits package to include:
• Sick leave
• Vacation with 10 paid holidays per year
• Health and dental insurance
• Retirement plan
• Life insurance and long-term disability insurance
• Optional employee benefits include short-term disability insurance, deferred compensation plans, and supplemental life insurance

For a complete list of benefits provided by The State of Arizona, please visit our benefits page


Participation in the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) is mandatory.

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Arizona State Government is an EOE/ADA Reasonable Accommodation Employer. Persons with a disability may request a reasonable accommodation such as a sign language interpreter or an alternative format by calling (602) 712-7279. Requests should be made as early as possible to allow sufficient time to arrange the accommodation. ADOT is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. All newly hired employees will be subject to E-Verify Employment Eligibility Verification.


All Arizona state employees operate within the Arizona Management System (AMS), an intentional, results-driven approach for doing the work of state government whereby every employee reflects on performance, reduces waste, and commits to continuous improvement with sustainable progress.  Through AMS, every state employee seeks to understand customer needs, identify problems, improve processes, and measure results.  
State employees are highly engaged, collaborative and embrace a culture of public service.

The State of Arizona is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.