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First Things First (Arizona Early Childhood Development and Health Board) is one of the critical state partners in creating a child and family‐centered, comprehensive, collaborative and high‐quality early childhood system that supports the development, health and early education of all Arizona’s children. Created by voter initiative in 2006, First Things First is governed by a state Board with 28 regional partnership councils. First Things First is a decentralized organization that engages diverse constituencies to accomplish its mission. Organizational values include a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion; a focus on accountability, transparency, coordination and collaboration; and an emphasis on improving outcomes that will ensure young children start kindergarten healthy and ready to succeed in school and in life.



Job Location:

Address:  4000 N Central Ave., Suite 800, Phoenix, AZ 85012

Posting Details:

Salary: $49,500 - $55,000 

Grade: 20

Job Summary:

Position serves as the Executive Staff Assistant to the Communications and Engagement unit and provides administrative support in the First Things First Phoenix Office. The position is responsible for a variety of complex administrative tasks that include customer service, coordinating projects and activities, developing effective operating procedures, conducting research, analysis of information, preparing reports, planning meetings, facilitation of meetings, and other duties. The Executive Staff Assistant will primarily support the Chief of Communications and Engagement and two Senior Directors. In addition, the position may support up to 25 staff members in the unit and requires substantial effort to coordinate and work within the unit and across all other FTF divisions.

Job Duties:

Under the guidance of the Chief of Communications and Engagement:
• Provide executive‐level technical, advisory and administrative support to division staff and key functions of the Communications and Engagement unit ‐ including communications and marketing as well as community outreach.
• Develop and manage systems flows for the division’s key support functions, including vendor negotiations and statewide orders as well as regional and statewide community awareness sponsorships.
• Conduct research; analyze data; prepare budgets and track expenditures; and prepare reports as needed.
• Schedule and arrange meetings/events including determining location, posting notices to agency calendars, attending meetings, preparing documents, preparing meeting minutes, and providing any follow‐up activities.
• Purchase supplies and equipment in compliance with procurement rules and keep thorough records.
• Other duties/projects assigned by the Communications and Engagement team.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities (KSAs):

• Five years responsible administrative experience; or Bachelor's degree in a field appropriate to the assignment and two years responsible administrative experience; or a Master's degree in a field appropriate to the assignment and one year responsible administrative experience;
• Organized, detail‐oriented, and ability to handle multiple projects under deadline;
• Proactive in identifying and completing tasks efficiently and with high-quality;
• Ability to problem-solve and exercise good judgment;
• Knowledge of the principles and practices of administration and management, regulations and operating procedures, accounting and budgeting procedures;
• Extensive computer skills with proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe and PowerPoint at a minimum;
• Ability to operate general office equipment such as projector, digital recorder, copier, etc.;
• Self‐motivated, able to work with a minimum of supervision and as a team player;
• Excellent communication skills including the ability to write and speak clearly and succinctly;
• Positive attitude, flexibility and ability to develop respectful, positive working relationships;
• Comfortable working with minimal supervision and maintaining multiple responsibilities;
• Reliable, regular and punctual attendance at work during core business hours.

Selective Preference(s):

The ideal candidate will enthusiastically support the vision and mission of First Things First; possess the personal qualities of integrity and credibility; and have the proven ability to work within teams to accomplish tasks and keep multiple projects organized and progressing. The candidate will demonstrate a commitment to customer service to both internal and external customers and have excellent communication abilities.


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