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Home Inspection Report Assessor

  • 509056
  • Part-time


The purpose of the Board of Technical Registration is to protect the public by setting appropriate registration qualifications and enforcing state statutes relating to the practice of all Board-regulated professions and occupations.

Home Inspection Report Assessor

*This is a part-time position not to exceed 19 hours per week*

*This position does not qualify for benefits*

*This position will work remotely*

Job Location:

1110 West Washington Suite #240

Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Posting Details:

Hourly Pay Range: $25.00 - $35.00

Grade: 18

This position will remain open until filled  

Job Summary:

This position is responsible for reviewing and assessing home inspection reports to determine if they meet the minimum standards set forth in the Arizona Home Inspector Standards of Practice.

This position requires knowledge of the Board's Practice Act, the Arizona Home Inspector Standards of Practice and Arizona Standards of Professional Practice for the Inspection of Swimming Pools and Spas. The Board receives home inspection reports for assessment through both the Board's application and investigative processes; this position must be able to coordinate with both enforcement and licensing teams.

This position will prepare analytical reports for each reviewed home inspection report. This position will need to be both professional and timely with its communications with applicants and respondents regarding any submitted reports. The processing of assessments within time-frames is essential to overall agency functionality.

This position will serve as backup for the intake and processing of Financial Assurance documentation.

Job Duties:

• Thoroughly and timely review and asses all home inspection reports submitted to the Board for initial certification or as part of the Board's investigative process

• Prepare reports that advises and makes recommendations to Board staff relative to information, evidence and findings discovered during home inspection report analysis

• Clear and concise communication, both written and verbal, with applicants, respondents, licensing staff and enforcement staff

• Act as backup to operations staff processing home inspector Financial Assurance

• Any other projects as assigned by Deputy or Executive Director

• Other duties as assigned as related to the position

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities (KSAs):


• Computer software and platforms (Google, Microsoft, Adobe, etc)

• Board statues, rules and standards relating to home inspectors

• Board licensing and enforcement processes


• Courteously and effectively deal with public requests and inquiries

• Analyze home inspection reports in detail; Data entry

• Multitasking and prioritizing tasks

• Time management skills


• Interpret and apply statutes, rules and standards to reports

• Follow general rules and agency policies and procedure

• Write clear, concise and accurate analytical reports

• Effectively communicate, both written and verbal

• Plan and organize daily work


• The position must currently hold, or held in the past, certification as a Home Inspector in the State of Arizona a minimum of five years

• Upon offer and acceptance of the position, an active certified home inspector must 'inactivate' their certification with the Board

Selective Preferences:

• Preference for current and prior Enforcement Advisory Committee members

Pre-Employment Requirements:

Driving Requirements:

• Employees who drive on state business are subject to driver’s license record checks, must maintain acceptable driving records and must complete any required driver training (see Arizona Administrative Code R2-10-207.12.)

• Requires possession of and ability to retain a current, valid state-issued driver’s license appropriate to the assignment

Contact Us:

• If you have any questions please feel free to contact Shawn McConnell at shawn.mcconnell@azdoa.gov for assistance


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The State of Arizona is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.