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Delivering results that matter by providing best in class support services.




Job Location:

State Procurement Office

100 N. 15th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85007

 This position may offer the ability to work remotely, within Arizona, based upon the department’s business needs and continual meeting of expected performance measures.

Posting Details:

Salary: $56,000 - $66,000

Grade: 22

Closing Date: Open Until Filled

Job Summary:

The Arizona Department of Administration is seeking a Limited Delegation/Small Agency Contracts Associate to join the State Procurement Office (SPO) team. This position will support SPO’s strategic efforts to strengthen its Limited Delegation/Small Agency support program by providing a variety of critical customer support services to limited delegation and small agencies, including but not limited to: training, coaching, troubleshooting, strategic planning, and compliance assistance. Additionally, this position will be responsible for the development, management, and administration of standard limited delegation and small agency solicitations and resultant contracts. This role will provide support at an associate level.

This position will play a critical role in furthering SPO’s vision to be the number one procurement office in the nation, where adding value is the norm and customer service is second to none.

The State of Arizona strives for a work culture that affords employees flexibility, autonomy, and trust. Across our many agencies, boards, commissions, many State employees participate in the State’s Remote Work Program and are able to work remotely in their homes, in offices, and in hoteling spaces. All work, including remote work, should be performed within Arizona, unless an exception is properly authorized in advance.

Job Duties:
  • Liaison and SPO contact for limited delegation/small agencies, including training, coaching, strategic planning, complex compliance assistance, and other various sensitive and complex customer service functions 
  • Lead standard single agency and limited delegation solicitation 
  • Administer standard limited delegation/small agency contracts
  • Other duties as assigned related to the position
Knowledge, Skills & Abilities (KSAs):

Knowledge of:
-State and federal statutes and rules related to government procurement activities and contract administration
-Best practices to determine appropriate sourcing strategies/methods
-Lean tools and methods
-Effective negotiation techniques
-Supply chain, logistics, and resource management
-Methods of conducting research
-Effective techniques of relationship management
-General accounting practices as they related to contracts and vendors
-Source of supply, local, and national markets, and pricing trends

Skilled in:
-Developing and implementing various sourcing strategies based upon business’ strategic goals/objectives
-Interpreting applicable laws, rules, policies, and procedures
-Conducting data analysis to produce effective and accountable contracts
-Developing and maintaining customer and supplier relationships
-Negotiation contractual terms and conditions
-Developing effective monitoring and reporting tools to ensure terms are adhered to
-Communication effectively with a wide range of customers, internal stakeholders, and suppliers
-Interpreting business issues and recommending solutions/best practices

Ability to:
-Develop and implement strategic sourcing strategies
-Establish and maintain effective customer and supplier relationships
-Develop and implement various monitoring strategies to ensure accountability
-Synthesize, summarize, and analyze a variety of data/sources and formulate workable recommendations
-Work in a dynamic team environment that allows the incumbent to be responsive to changing goals and priorities

Selective Preference(s):

-Bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management, Business, or other closely related field
-Public procurement experience

Pre-Employment Requirements:

-Background and reference check, including a state and federal criminal records check
-Requires possession of and the ability to retain a current, valid state-issued driver’s license appropriate to assignment. Employees who drive on state business are subject to driver’s license record checks, must maintain acceptable driving records and must complete any required driving training (see Arizona Administrative Code R2-10-207.12).


The Arizona Department of Administration offers a comprehensive benefits package to include:
Sick leave
Vacation with 10 paid holidays per year
Health and dental insurance
Retirement plan
Life insurance and long-term disability insurance
Optional employee benefits include short-term disability insurance, deferred compensation plans, and supplemental life insurance

For a complete list of benefits provided by The State of Arizona, please visit our benefits page


-Positions in this classification participate in the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS).
-Please note, enrollment eligibility will become effective after 27 weeks of employment.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Shelia Wiggins-Wayne at shelia.wiggins@azdoa.gov for assistance.


All Arizona state employees operate within the Arizona Management System (AMS), an intentional, results-driven approach for doing the work of state government whereby every employee reflects on performance, reduces waste, and commits to continuous improvement with sustainable progress.  Through AMS, every state employee seeks to understand customer needs, identify problems, improve processes, and measure results.  
State employees are highly engaged, collaborative and embrace a culture of public service.

The State of Arizona is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.