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First Things First (Arizona Early Childhood Development and Health Board) is one of the critical state partners in creating a child and family‐centered, comprehensive, collaborative and high‐quality early childhood system that supports the development, health and early education of all Arizona’s children. Created by voter initiative in 2006, First Things First is governed by a state Board with 28 regional partnership councils. First Things First is a decentralized organization that engages diverse constituencies to accomplish its mission. Organizational values include a focus on accountability, transparency, coordination, collaboration and on the outcomes that will ensure young children start kindergarten healthy and ready to succeed in school and in life.



Job Location:

Address:  4000 N Central Ave., Suite 800, Phoenix, AZ 85012

Posting Details:

Salary: $50,000 - $53,000 

Grade: 21

Job Summary:

The Program Coordination Specialist will work on behalf of the Phoenix North and Phoenix South Regional Partnership Councils to assist in increasing access to, and demand for, high-quality early care and education programs in the two regions. This will include meeting with school districts and early care and education providers to increase understanding of work occurring in the region, making public presentations that promote the regions investments in the areas of early care and education, and identifying opportunities to expand availability of high quality early care and education programming.

Additionally, the Program Coordination Specialist will work to create linkages between the school districts, early care and education centers, home care providers and family, friends and neighbor care providers to promote seamless kindergarten transition. This will include convening school districts and early care and education providers to gather data and to identify opportunities to increase collaboration. Program Coordination Specialist will also be responsible for working with school districts and early care and education providers to develop and implement projects that promote coordinated kindergarten transition.

The position requires travel throughout the Phoenix regional areas.

Job Duties:

Under the guidance of the Phoenix North and Phoenix South Regional Directors, the Program Coordination Specialist will be responsible for executing the following:
• Plan, organize, lead and facilitate community meetings which engage diverse populations using interpersonal skills and mindful engagement strategies.
• Prepare for and effectively present information and material to increase community member knowledge.
• Establish and maintain relationships with agencies within the early childhood system: nonprofit organizations, tribal, county and city governments, businesses, school districts, hospitals and public health.
• Increase community members’ contributions to advancing shared objectives.
• Demonstrate strong communication skills to effectively build and maintain relationships and engage with others.
• Effectively build positive working relationships with internal and external partners.
• Lead the development of an annual plan, including outcome measures, to effectively implement the regions’ service coordination strategy.
• Demonstrate an understanding of the priorities and system building efforts of the regional council.
• Build and maintain strong working relationships with Regional Council Members, tribal government leaders, tribal departments and programs, community organizations and agencies.
• Implement evaluation activities to assess impact, change and progress toward the coordinated service system envisioned, including quarterly and end of year progress reports.
• Research and identify resources to leverage services and funding.
• Prepare progress reports and regularly update the Regional Director, as well as Regional Partnership Council, when requested.
• Other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities (KSAs):

• A minimum of a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in a field related (i.e. children’s health, early learning, family support, social work, organizational development or project management).
• Strong familiarity with First Things First, the Phoenix North Regional Partnership Council, the Phoenix South Regional Partnership Council and the City of Phoenix.
• Experience working with diverse community and government organizations.
• Experience researching and analyzing complex data and concepts with the ability to present information that is easily understood.
• Experience in planning and facilitating community meetings.
• Experience with strategic planning and implementation.
• Have strong understanding of the state and local early childhood: education system, health system, and family support system.
• Be self-motivated and able to take responsibility for initiating and following through on assigned tasks. Be organized, detail-oriented, and have the ability to handle multiple projects under a deadline.
• Be able to work in fast-paced environment.
• Be able to work effectively in a team environment to meet goals.
• Have excellent communication (oral, written, presentation and interpersonal) skills, including the ability to write and speak clearly, succinctly, and in a manner that appeals to a wide audience.
• Have a history of creating and fostering a mutually respectful environment where diverse contributions and perspectives are valued.

Selective Preference(s):

The ideal candidate will enthusiastically support the vision and mission of First Things First and possess the personal qualities of integrity and credibility. She/he will have the proven ability to work within teams to accomplish multiple tasks and keep various projects organized and progressing. The position requires substantial effort to coordinate and work with stakeholders, the volunteer Regional Council members, and internal First Things First staff.


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