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First Things First (Arizona Early Childhood Development and Health Board) is one of the critical state partners in creating a child and family‐centered, comprehensive, collaborative and high‐quality early childhood system that supports the development, health and early education of all Arizona’s children. Created by voter initiative in 2006, First Things First is governed by a state Board with 28 regional partnership councils. First Things First is a decentralized organization that engages diverse constituencies to accomplish its mission. Organizational values include a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion; a focus on accountability, transparency, coordination and collaboration; and an emphasis on improving outcomes that will ensure young children start kindergarten healthy and ready to succeed in school and in life.



Job Location:

Address:  4000 N Central Ave., Suite 800, Phoenix, AZ 85012

Posting Details:

Salary: $54,000 - $58,000 

Grade: 22

Job Summary:

The Quality First Program Coordinator is responsible for the daily operational tasks of Quality First, Arizona's quality improvement and rating system. Quality First is a signature First Things First strategy to measure and improve the quality of early care and education settings in Arizona, as well as to provide information to assist families to select quality care for their young children. The Program Coordinator will be responsible for the ongoing daily operations of the Quality Rating System, including: monitoring QF contracts for Assessment; monitoring QF applications and supporting the selection processes in alignment with funding availability; submitting regular updates of the selection schedule to the coaching, incentive and assessment grantees; conducting program selections; assigning and communicating selections to coaching, assessment, and incentive grantees; maintaining slot reports; processing declines; creating and maintaining the incentive tracking form; verifying Star Ratings; participating in appropriate First Things First and Quality First meetings; ongoing communication with regional directors; participation in regional council meetings; statewide program participant visits; maintaining a statewide presence for Quality First; and performing other tasks as assigned by the Quality First Director.

Job Duties:

Under the guidance of the Quality First Director:
• Support the team in implementation of the Quality First Rating System
• Administer the Quality First selection process including: monitoring submittal of applications, creating and updating the selection schedule, communicating with First Things First staff about upcoming selections, assigning newly selected programs to Quality First grantees and processing enrollment terminations.
• Monitor the Assessment Contract to include: reviewing narrative reports, attendance at grantee meetings, ongoing communication with grantees, and ensuring continuous quality improvement.
• Maintain awareness of the Coaching & Incentives contract including reviewing narrative reports and engaging in collaborative conversations with grantees as needed and internal team members ongoing to inform the system.
• Statewide travel: attendance at regional council meetings, ongoing communication with regional directors, visits to QF enrolled participants, maintaining a statewide presence for the Quality First program.
• Maintain the programmatic reports including: the enrollment report which includes data of enrolled participants by First Things First regional area and provider type, declines report which includes data of participants declining participation in Quality First, and other data reports as needed.
• Assist the Director in communicating with grantees, participants and other community members about Quality First enrollment opportunities, selections, and declines.
• Respond to requests for information and/or assistance promptly, professionally and courteously.
• Participate in Technical Review Teams to review grant applications, contracts, governmental-to-governmental agreements, amendments, and renewals to ensure that the overall scope and intention of the services, including the standard of practice, is properly addressed and documented.
• Actively participate in meetings of the Quality First Team, Early Learning Implementation Team, Quality First System Collaboration, FTF staff, Program Division, and all other meetings as requested.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities (KSAs):

• Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in Early Childhood Education, child development, education, educational leadership or a closely related field.
• Knowledge of Quality Improvement Rating Systems
• Experience using database systems and technology required
• Cooperative in working relationships and working within a team environment
• Experience in public presentations and training
• Strong communication skills including the ability to write and speak clearly, succinctly, and in a manner that appeals to a wide audience
• Detail oriented with the ability to meet competing deadlines
• Creative and solution driven
• Comfortable working with minimal supervision and maintaining multiple responsibilities
• Reliable, regular and punctual attendance at work during core business hours

Selective Preference(s):

The ideal candidate will enthusiastically support the vision and mission of First Things First; possess the personal qualities of integrity and credibility; and have the proven ability to work within teams to accomplish tasks and keep multiple projects organized and progressing. The position requires substantial effort to connect with, build community relations with, and engage targeted audiences. The Program Coordinator must have in-depth knowledge of quality early learning environments and practices, as well as strong attention to detail and advanced knowledge of and experience in Microsoft Excel. The Program Coordinator must have the ability to collaborate within a team and will support team members ongoing with data to help administer the Quality First Improvement and Rating System. This position requires the ability to prioritize tasks, analyze data and other information, create reports and take initiative to complete assigned responsibilities. This position will be required to partner and consult with multiple internal staff and external stakeholders in the field.


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