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COME WORK WITH US!  The Arizona Department of Health Services promotes and protects the health of Arizona’s children and adults. Our mission is to promote, protect, and improve the health and wellness of individuals and communities in Arizona. We strive to set the standard for personal and community health through direct care, science, public policy, and leadership. ADHS promotes alternative work schedules, flexible hours. We have positions that can fit any stage in your career, from entry to senior level. We offer a robust benefit package, including the ADHS Student Loan Assistance Program, where eligible employees can receive up to $437.50 per month for their outstanding student loans. Come check us out and see how you can make a difference in the lives of all Arizonans.



Job Location:

Address:  4814 South 40th Street Phoenix, Arizona 85040

Posting Details:

Salary: $56,335.36 

Grade: 20

Job Summary:

A Career in Public Service Awaits You, Come Join our Licensing Team!

Your Talent, Our Mission: To promote, protect, and improve the health and wellness of individuals and communities in Arizona.

Why work for ADHS? A great benefit of working for the State of Arizona is a fantastic work/life balance. State employees enjoy challenging work, popular remote work options, comprehensive health and wellness benefits, and career growth opportunities.

***This position is eligible for a $5,000 hiring incentive***

What You'll Do: 

Prepares for and conducts routine inspections of licensees/registrants to determine conformity with design and other criteria; observes and evaluates the adequacy of licensee/registrant controls and provisions for radiological and environmental safety; evaluates management controls, procedures, and practices and their effects on the safety of operations; and observe the status of compliance with Department requirements.

Evaluates the adequacy of proposed facilities, equipment, and operational procedures to determine whether the applicant has recognized and adequately safeguarded against all hazards including excessive levels of airborne radioactivity, the spread of radioactive contamination, excessive releases of radioactivity to the environment, and excessive radiation exposure to workers.

Determines whether the applicant's radiation protection procedures, instrumentation, facilities and equipment, and training and experience are sufficient to provide reasonable assurance that the applicant can possess and/or use material safely and in accordance with Department requirements.

Responds to and investigates complex or hazardous problems, events, incidents, or unusual circumstances involving facilities and materials subject to Department licensure and regulation.

Keeps abreast of current radiation safety technology and participates in the improvements of inspection techniques, standards, policy, and procedures.

Job Duties:

-Plans and conducts inspections, investigations, and technical reviews of licensee/registrant activities that relate to radiation safety and the use of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.
-Evaluates the technical qualifications of the applicant, including education, training, experience, and the ability of the applicant's staff, to possess and use ionizing and non-ionizing radiation in a manner that ensures public health and safety, and protection of the environment.
-Selects, prepares, calibrates(as necessary), and/or performs operability checks of, and uses appropriate survey equipment according to industry codes and standards and Department requirements. Evaluates and interpret measurement results.
-Makes recommendations regarding the need for enforcement and/or licensing/registration action, including action to require the immediate cessation of licensee/registrant operations, imposition of civil penalties, and/or modification, suspension, revocation, or denial of licenses/registrations.
-Plans and conducts complex area, effluent, and environment monitoring inspections in and around regulated facilities to evaluate licensee radiation and radioactive material control methods.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities (KSAs):

Knowledge of:
-Principles, theories, and practices related to radiation safety and environmental protection aspects of research, medical, educational, and industrial use of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation
-Applications of radiation, radiation phenomena, and protection principles characteristic of alpha, beta, gamma, and neutron radiations necessary for licensing/registering the possession and use of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation
-The Department's regulatory program, licensing/registration practices and standards, current regulatory guides, and license requirements, sufficient to evaluate radiation safety
-Performance Management (PM), Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI), and Lean methodologies

Skill in:
-Communicate clearly, both orally and in writing, with persons of varying technical backgrounds, including senior management officials of industry and government, and the public, for the presentation of analyses of technical issues and findings associated with the licensing/registration function
-Use computers and other information technology to perform a variety of technical, analytical, and written communication tasks effectively and efficiently

Ability to:
-Demonstrate the ability to recognize and distinguish issues of safety or regulatory significance
-Demonstrate the ability to assess the performance of licensee/registrant management with respect to the correction of hazardous operations and conditions, to develop facts and recommendations logically in support of proposed actions, and discuss and explain to licensee/registrant management, the findings of a Department review and any necessary corrective actions
-Demonstrate the ability to analyze trends in the development of radiation safety technology, and the availability and usefulness of new or improved instruments and equipment related to ionizing and non-ionizing inspection work, in order to maintain technical proficiency, and to participate in the development and improvement of inspection techniques and standards
-Support a diverse multi-cultural workforce that reflects the community, promotes equal opportunity at all levels of public employment, and creates an inclusive work environment that enables all individuals to perform to their fullest potential free from discrimination

Selective Preference(s):

Bachelor's degree in science, engineering, or related field, with emphasis on a science-related curriculum (ie. health physics, math, biology) and 2 yrs. exp. at a St Hl Phy, I level or on-the-job experience in radiation protection compliance with a State or Federal program; a Master's degree in Health Physics, Radiological Hygiene, or a closely related field may substitute for 1 yr. exp.

Pre-Employment Requirements:

Employees who drive on state business require possession of and the ability to retain a current, valid state-issued driver’s license appropriate to the assignment. Employees who drive on state business are subject to driver’s license checks, must maintain acceptable driving records, and must complete any driver training (See Arizona Administrative Code R2-10-207.11).


The State of Arizona provides an excellent comprehensive benefits package including:
− Affordable medical and dental insurance plans
− Paid vacation and sick time
− 10 paid holidays per year
− Wellness program and plans: Health Impact Program (HIP) where you can earn up to $200 annually by participating in our award-winning program of free preventative health screenings (mini-health, mammography, prostate), immunizations, lifestyle/mindfulness classes and physical activities) and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Counseling sessions - 12 free per year per issue for each employee and each covered dependent. Available 24/7 for support, resources and information on work/life solutions, dependent/elder care, college planning, wills, legal guidance, financial resources, funeral planning and more)
− Life insurance
− Short/long-term disability insurance
− Defined retirement plan
− Award-winning Infant at Work program
− Credit union membership
− Transit subsidy
− ADHS Student Assistance Pilot Program

For a complete list of benefits provided by The State of Arizona, please visit our benefits page


To help you build a financially secure future, the State makes monthly contributions to finance your retirement benefit. The State will make a contribution to the ASRS in an amount equal to your contribution. In other words, you and the State will each pay 50% of the total cost of the benefit. New State employees have a 27-week wait period for contributions to begin.

Contact Us:

Arizona State Government is an EOE/ADA Reasonable Accommodation Employer. Persons with a disability may request a reasonable accommodation such as a sign language interpreter or an alternative format by calling (602) 542-1085. Requests should be made as early as possible to allow sufficient time to arrange the accommodation. DHS is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. All newly hired employees will be subject to E-Verify Employment Eligibility Verification.


All Arizona state employees operate within the Arizona Management System (AMS), an intentional, results-driven approach for doing the work of state government whereby every employee reflects on performance, reduces waste, and commits to continuous improvement with sustainable progress.  Through AMS, every state employee seeks to understand customer needs, identify problems, improve processes, and measure results.  
State employees are highly engaged, collaborative and embrace a culture of public service.

The State of Arizona is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.