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  • Closing at: Feb 16 2022 at 23:55 MST


The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) is one of the most unique state agencies in Arizona and one of only 13 public utility commissions in the country where commissioners are elected. Established by the Arizona Constitution, the ACC is a medium-sized agency with offices in Phoenix and Tucson. Our mission is diverse—spanning utility rate making; securities registration and enforcement; rail and pipeline safety; and corporate business filings—and we boast an average employment tenure of nearly 10 years. Learn more by visiting www.azcc.gov.


Job Location:

Address:  1200 W Washington, Phoenix, AZ

Posting Details:

Hourly Rate: $19.00 

Anticipated 20 hours/week for 12 weeks

Applications Reviewed Weekly  

Job Summary:

This internship will provide law students with an opportunity to learn firsthand the practice of law within an administrative agency that regulates a wide breadth of civil matters, including utilities regulation, transmission and power plant siting, and pipeline and railroad safety while supporting the agency’s staff attorneys in the performance of typical legal tasks. Additionally, the intern will be able to observe the unique perspective of staff attorneys representing agency staff in administrative proceedings before the elected commissioners and defend the agency’s decisions on appeal.

Job Duties:

The intern will be expected to provide assistance in a wide variety of areas including, retrieving information and performing responsible and complex legal research and providing the results in well written memoranda and legal briefs.
Interns who meet the requirements under Supreme Court Rule 38 may also be expected to participate in administrative hearings, including offering witnesses and performing cross examination.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities (KSAs):

This opportunity is open to all current law students with a passing grade point average.

Pre-Employment Requirements:

A.R.S. Section 40-101 prohibits Commission employees from having certain interests in entities that the Commission regulates. Applicants shall be required to disclose any interests they may have in the regulated entities during the application process, and as a condition of employment, to divest themselves of any prohibited interests.


This temporary position is not eligible for benefits.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Stephen Emedi at (602) 542-3402 or email sjemedi@azcc.gov for assistance.


All Arizona state employees operate within the Arizona Management System (AMS), an intentional, results-driven approach for doing the work of state government whereby every employee reflects on performance, reduces waste, and commits to continuous improvement with sustainable progress.  Through AMS, every state employee seeks to understand customer needs, identify problems, improve processes, and measure results.  
State employees are highly engaged, collaborative and embrace a culture of public service.

The State of Arizona is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.